There is no reason why you should be spending so much on school supplies

Whether you are off to College or buying your kid’s first pair of school shoes, I guarantee, that you are overspending. Back-to-school season can be extremely stressful and financially straining, but not anymore! 

If there’s a coupon to be found (or a discount to be had), Karma will track them down. Karma’s algorithm applies the best coupon codes, giving you the best possible price at every checkout. With more than 50,000 participating retailers, there are no limits to what Karma can do. Whether you are browsing Karma’s homepage or shopping directly at a retailer’s online store, Karma will always be on the hunt for codes, deals, and even similar items! No matter how many items you’re looking to buy or how many different retailers you purchase from, Karma won’t stop until every purchase is brought at the lowest price possible. Paying full price is not in Karma’s vocabulary. 

On the waitlist? Karma will help you get it

Take advantage of Karma’s other cool services- the wishlist. Save an item to your wishlist and Karma will give you in-real-time alerts of price drops and the last remaining items. So if it is a new kids’ Disney backpack, Latest Airpods, or even clothes for school. Karma is here for you. Any item that you desire, out of stock or not, Karma will ensure that they are just a click away.  

What else do you need this year?

With the desktop extension, shoppers can visit a website (any website), and a simple click on the Karma icon that appears next to the address bar will bring up the easy-to-navigate menu. From coupons to saving items on your wish list, Karma’s aim is for you to have a hassle-free shopping experience while saving you money simultaneously. The sooner you join the 3,000,000+ Karma community, the sooner your shopping experience will be Karmalized.