The Free Shopping Hack That Is Saving People Lots of Money

Gone are the days when you need to spend hours couponing to save money. Instead of pouring over pamphlets, painstakingly cutting out each coupon, making sure you use it in time before the expiration date, and checking where you need to venture to use it, you can get all the same savings and even better in the comfort of your own home. This free app gives you access to the lowest price on the internet, with the ease of a one click checkout. Read on to learn how you can start saving with Karma.

How to use Karma

First things first, download the browser extension or app and go about your shopping as you usually would. As long as the desktop extension has been activated, you are free to shop to your heart’s content, while Karma works its magic in the background, scanning the internet for coupons, deals, and even similar products.

Once you have found an item you like, click on the Karma icon to the right of your screen. Here you can see the coupons that have been found, or make use of Karma’s wishlists and save the item for later! Whether you are shopping at Amazon exclusively or shopping along with these other retailers, Karma will still ensure that you are getting the best deals out there.

Why use Karma with Amazon

No matter what you’re buying, if you are purchasing one item from one retailer or multiple items from multiple stores, Karma will ensure that you never pay full price again. So the next time you go on a shopping spree, ensure that you have Karma to make your experience even better. Karmalize your shopping experience, and everything will become simpler (and cheaper).