The Quirkiest Products Ever Sold on QVC


By Joshua Dickens

QVC, the home of shopping surprises, has brought us some truly wacky and offbeat products over the years. Join us as we dive into the delightful world of the strangest items ever aired on QVC. Get ready for a fun and light-hearted exploration!

1. Baby Shark Costumes for Adults: Shark-tastic Fun for Grown-Ups

Who says Baby Shark is just for kids? QVC took this catchy nursery song and turned it into a global sensation. Now, adults can join in on the fin-tastic fun with Baby Shark costumes in various sizes and colors. Get ready to rock that shark vibe like nobody’s business!

2. Push Breast Support Comfort Pillow: Pillow Power for Blissful Nights

For all the ladies out there seeking a little extra comfort, QVC presents the Push Breast Support Comfort Pillow. Say goodbye to discomfort while sleeping on your side! This pillow provides the perfect support for large-breasted individuals, making bedtime a dreamy experience. It’s time to say hello to well-deserved relaxation!

3. Hand Sauna: Pampering Bliss for Your Left Hand

Indulge in the luxurious experience of a sauna—specifically for your left hand! The Paneer Hydro Spa Massaging Hand Sauna pampers your hardworking hand with steam, vibration, and infrared goodness. While it may sound peculiar, this is the ultimate treat for your left hand, ensuring it gets the relaxation it deserves!

4. Victorian Doll Lamp: Shining Light on Elegantly Ominous Decor

Looking for a touch of elegance with a spooky twist? The Victorian Doll Lamp is here to cast an enchanting glow. This 16-inch porcelain doll doubles as a lamp, illuminating your space while adding a dash of eerie charm. It’s the perfect conversation starter for lovers of all things delightfully dark!

5. Trump Steaks: Sizzling Steaks with a Presidential Touch

Even former President Donald Trump tried his hand at culinary ventures, and QVC was there to showcase Trump Steaks. Though opinions varied on the taste, these steaks carried the prestigious Trump name. While they may not have stood the test of time, they certainly added a flavorful chapter to QVC’s history.

6. Facial Flex: Flex Your Way to Youthful Smiles

Say hello to the Facial Flex, your secret weapon for toned and rejuvenated facial muscles. With this nifty device, you can give your face a workout like never before. While it may look amusing, remember to avoid using it in public, unless you want to turn heads and spark unexpected conversations!

7. PooPourri: Banishing Bathroom Odors with a Spritz

No need to be embarrassed by bathroom odors anymore! PooPourri is your trusty odor-eliminating sidekick. A quick spritz of this natural spray before you go, and your bathroom experience becomes a breath of fresh air. Auntie U’s visit just got a whole lot more pleasant!

8. Pooping Moose: Unleash Candy Fun from a Surprising Source

Hold onto your hats because the Pooping Moose candy dispenser is here to bring laughter and sugary treats! Lift its head, and this wooden moose dispenses delightful chocolate pellets from its rear end. It’s a quirky and

9. The Cat Sack: Crinkly Delights for Feline Friends

Cats love to play, and the Cat Sack takes their entertainment to a whole new level. This crinkly toy bag is a mesmerizing wonder for our feline friends. Watch as your cat pounces, rolls, and wrestles with this magical sack of joy. It’s a guaranteed ticket to hours of hilarious and adorable cat shenanigans!

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