Sun’s out, savings are in: How to Spend Less on Your Summer Haul


Summer is one of the most expensive times of the year. From new outfits to weekend getaways, family barbecues, and a very large but necessary ice cream budget, we all have to get creative to find ways to spend less.  



That’s why we love using Karma. 


Karma is a shopper’s best friend, helping you save money and time, and making sure you never overpay for the things you buy online. 


Whether you need a new bathing suit, GoPro, beach supplies, or even a new air conditioner. Karma has you covered! Karma is partnered with over 50,000 retailers to bring you the best deals and coupons for all of your summer needs!

The smartest way to shop online

Karma helps you keep track of your online shopping purchases and finds you the best coupons for whatever’s on your summer wishlist. All you need to do is download the free extension (or mobile app) and let Karma work its magic!


You’ll immediately get access to tons of deals and automatic alerts that let you know when the price drops or if something is back in stock or selling out fast. Karma can also get you cashback rewards with the biggest retailers, saving you even more.

How to get started with Karma

It’s super easy to get started. Once the Chrome extension or mobile app is installed, simply shop the way you normally would. Once you find a product you want, click on the Karma icon to save it to your wishlist or to buy. Karma will do the rest by finding you the best coupons, or alerting you when the price drops.

Out of stock? Not with Karma. 

You know that moment when you find the perfect beach bag for summer, but it’s out of stock? Then, you have to constantly check the website, hoping you catch the item when it comes back in stock. Karma is here to change that, notifying you the moment the items you want to purchase become available again. 


So, if you’re looking for an incredibly user-friendly online shopping assistant that will make buying online much easier and cheaper, Karma is for you!


Download now and let Karma make summer shopping a breeze.