Planning A Vacation? Try This Tool to Save Money

We all love to travel but why does it have to be so expensive? From flights to hotels, and everything in between there is a lot to be done, and a lot of money to be saved. Karma can help! 

Karma is an online shopping assistant that scours the web in search of coupon codes that suit all your needs. So if you’re searching for travel deals, Karma’s algorithm will ensure you pay the lowest available price and never miss out on extra discounts. Karma saves you time and money!

From planning to purchase: Karma is with you every step of the way.

Shopping for your summer wardrobe, hotels or even flights has never been easier.  Karma will send you in-real-time alerts of price drops, back in stock, as well as last remaining items, so you never miss a beat. 

Karma’s best-kept secret

Wish Lists. Everyone has one, and it’s Karma’s secret weapon. With Wish Lists, you can save items, and pay later. Arrange your list by items (Clothes, flights, hotels) or even by holidays ‘Ski trip’, ‘Girls weekend away. Ensure that you’re not only saving money but staying organized. What’s even better, is that they are completely customizable for you, by you! From start to finish, Karma is there to ensure that all your wishes come true at the lowest price possible. 

The easiest way to plan and save for your next vacation

From coupons to saving items on your wish list, Karma’s aim is for you to have a hassle-free experience while saving you money simultaneously.  First things first, download the Chrome extension or app and go about your shopping as you usually would. There’s no need to change your habits at all because you’ve now got Karma on your side. Shoppers can visit a website (any website) and a simple click on the Karma icon appearing to the right of the screen, will bring up an easy-to-navigate menu. Join the 3,000,000+ Karma community and Karmalize your shopping experience